Still waiting!

The joys of waiting for insurance approval!!!! AHHHH!! Nothing yet on the Orencia…I’m hoping tomorrow or next week. I did get all the other tests…now I just need approval so I can get my first infusion scheduled. I am still debating the IV Infusion vs. the shots. I HATE the thought of giving myself a shot (yes I am a shot baby!) but then again the planning life around infusions (although it is only once a month) is difficult too. The planning to take time off, school, proposal/dissertation writing, etc….I’m not sure which would be the best option for me. But at this point…I won’t let myself think about it…until I know that insurance has approved it! Staying positive! 

My LAST classes have opened!! I’m excited to get started on homework and reading…why!! Because it means July 30th I am ABD (All But Dissertation)! And that hopefully means that mid-September I can be proposing (at least that is my goal!). But I know that means I have to work hard and stay focused. Today I made up my binders, organized my chapters into boxes so I can easily find things. I have added blocks to my calendar to lit. review search (to me the hardest part) and time to read/do assignments. 

Off to rest and then hopefully have a  weekend full of homework/dissertation busyness! More soon!! #staypositive #godisincontrol 

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