Orencia approved…but still waiting!!

I heard from the Orencia company this week!! They have approved me and insurance has as well!! YAY!! I am however still waiting on the pre-determination form to be approved and this might take up to 21 days (at least that is what my doctor’s office said!). I really hope it is not that long but at least I know some better meds are on the way!! 🙂 

I went to class on Wednesday night…insane how this is my last summer of coursework! I cannot wait though. However, I have so much to do…lots of reading and writing. I am working on getting a few pages of my dissertation introduction topic done this weekend. I hope to submit those pages to my proposal professor by Monday. My goal is to get at least two pages over to him every 3 days….that is one page a day..and one page of editing…at least that is my goal! I want to get done and honestly, I’m not sure how sick the infusions will make me as I will remain on Imuran for the next several months! 

The good news is I am working on weaning myself off the Lyrica…the side effects have become too much and to be honest…I really hope that Orencia helps enough for me to start feeling MUCH better. This last year has been ROUGH! 😦 and I am ready for some relief to happen soon. 

Off to type a bit more! Stay strong everyone! 

One thought on “Orencia approved…but still waiting!!

  1. This is my first time visiting your blog, so I’ve got lots to catch up on about your story. One thing I can tell from this one post is that you are a fighter. You’ve encouraged me — in the least to quit whining and to forge ahead. It’s nice to meet you. I found you through WH Bloggers. 🙂

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