Sooo I am finally getting to update! I blame the lag in both my feeling really rotten and just little energy these past few weeks. I have been thrown into the wonderful world and getting biologic approval. I am still waiting on my pre-determination form but about a week ago I ran into another problem. For those who don’t know, I was born and raised in a third world country, a country where there were many different diseases and risks than here in the United States. Part of being born abroad, I was given to BCG, essentially the TB vaccination.  As those of you who are on biologic medicine know…you have to take a TB skin test prior to getting on the medication. I was worried about this skin test because I was always was told I would get a positive reaction.  And I was not disappointed! I had a positive skin test reaction!! UGH!! 

The good thing, my rheumy expected this to happen and thus had me take get the TB Gold test. A blood test to determine if there is active TB in my system…that was fortunately negative. I thought I was done with that part of the getting ready for Orencia…but no!! I was called about a week ago…..my rheumy preffered that I get cleared by an infectious disease physican prior to getting Orencia! At first I was extremely annoyed because my PCP has a standing practice that in order to get a referral….I must go in the office. If I had known that I would need the referral I would have been prepared (this annoyance goes back to my being prepared for it) and it wouldn’t have been an issue. I made my first call to my doctor’s office and got the usual talk about coming into the office to get the referral and the best part…my PCP wouldn’t have an opening until July 19th! I was so frustrated! I could not believe my Orencia could potentially be backed up a month or more! 

Praise the Lord! He answered my prayers and my PCP relented…because I had just seen her (my PCP) I did not have to go in the office. My referral was placed and received within a few days. As soon as I knew my referral had been placed, I immediately called the infectious disease doctor (only one for 30 miles on my insurance) and prayed that I would not be waiting MONTHS for an appointment. Great news…there was ONE appointment available within the next few months (no doubt a cancellation) and it is tomorrow morning 8a.m.!! As frustrating as the preparation for Orencia has been, I am happy that at least this last part (hopefully last part) has worked out. I plan on begging and pleading (I will if I have to) for the infectious disease doctor to do what he needs to do and quickly get my clearance sent over to the rheumy office. (crossing fingers)

Other than that lovely journey I have been spending time writing! Good news is that I have a draft of my Chapter 1 done and out of my dissertation commitee. I am working on chapter 2! YAY!! 🙂 Slowly but surely making progress! Step by step, page by page! 🙂 That is my new motto! 

I have class this week, a double class for Program Evaluation. Then no class next week!! Also, great news to share…I did pass my comprehensive examinations! I got word last week!! YAY! The torture was worth it,, I am done and NEVER again 🙂 Well maybe again….but at least not for awhile. 🙂

back to the writing!

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