And it keeps on coming!

Well I will say….that it seems as if the problems just keep on coming!!! 😦 I had a very long drs. appt today and it was decided that I have to do a 12 week (once a week) dose of Isoniazid and Rifapentine (YAY…NOT!). This cocktail is approximately 8 pills taken over 6-8 hours. Once I successfully complete this treatment, then I should be able to start Orencia. Meaning, I won’t be on Orencia until maybe September…if all goes well! It is frustrating…it seems as if to get one medicine you have to go through so many the same time…you wonder what else can you do? Learning experience for sure…I sure hope that the Isonaizid and Rifapentine combo…on top of my current RA/Lupus meds/Fibro Meds/Accutane…wont make like as miserable as I was told it would be! 😦 Never fun to hear your dr say to plan on staying home in bed….and enduring your 12 weeks of torture (Yay…soooooo encouraging!)

Other than that I spent most of this evening resting, I have a double class tomorrow. I want to make sure I am rested! I am learning to not plan on doing much on Tuesday night. Not with having such a long day on Wednesday. And the same goes for Thursday. These two days of the week I spend time resting…which is fine because I do have all day Friday to work. Last Friday, I worked nearly 12 straight hours on a paper so that was awesome. Granted now that I’m starting this new combo meds on Friday…who knows I might not be able to get as much done as I expected.

The thing I have had to make peace with yet again….new meds…new problems to handle….things might have to slow down. Will I finish on time…. I sure hope so but I learned (after my last pushing for a goal that landed me two weeks very sick in the hospital) that finishing is better than pushing to finish by a certain date. I have permission from both instructors to take I’s if I need them so at least I don’t have the stress. Does that mean I won’t work hard to finish, no I will! But I am learning (thanks to the last 4 years of living at dr’s offices) that sometimes there are bigger priorities. 

I am constantly reminded life can change in a moment! So I learned today…completely unexpected and I’m not thrilled in the least. But things happen for a reason! Just like that moment I found out I was sick and would have a life of drs/meds/drugs/pain..wasn’t the life I wanted but I am determined to make the best of it. And I haven’t been as slowed down as I thought I would have been….I’m almost a doctoral student graduate, I’ve been around the world more than once, I continue to use my gifts to serve, I encourage many through written word/blogs/social media, and I am determined despite the rough journey…that I will be happy and successful. 

I will take you with me on this LTBI cocktail of two plus Vit B6 journey! It was a journey I prayed I would never have to go on but I know many have done it before me. I know friends who prior to their first biologic had to wait 6 months to a year on treatment….I’m thankful I only have to wait 12 weeks. Granted I might wish for the 6 months/1 year after I take my first weekly dose! 

I do not regret living abroad! I do not regret my homeland, and I am thankful for all I have learned traveling and living abroad. If nothing else, I pray this journey strengthens me and gives me insight I can pass on to the next person I see. 

Since I only got two hours of sleep last night….I’m off to rest/sleep! 

One thought on “And it keeps on coming!

  1. Wow. You’re just amazing. I have such trouble with traveling. Every time I travel for an extended period, I suffer a miserable flare. If I somehow avoid a flare, I catch every cold and flu going around for months one after another.

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