One Step…at a time!

One step at a time! Seems so easy to say but very hard to do. I caught myself thinking a lot this weekend on the future. Finishing the degree is half the battle…the next part is getting a job in an area that would interest me. I have been watching several of the major job sites just to get an idea of what is out there. Part of me is excited to think about where I might be working in a year or so…and the other part of me is stressed about it! We cannot win right!

Dose two of my LTBI meds was this weekend. Definitely exhausted, major headache, and feeling just gross. BUT the time at home does help me write! Nothing better to do I suppose :). I have so enjoyed having a four day weekend, we got off on Wednesday!! 🙂 It was sooo nice. A major perk of working in higher education is the school holidays and some what relaxing schedule over the summer. We work 9 hour days and get off on Friday! LOVE IT! Fridays are typically quiet during the semesters, so getting them off during the summer is so nice. I get to sleep in and catch up on much needed rest.

This fall my hubby is registered for more pre-PA classes! He is going to take two classes this fall. It feels weird, the past two years I have been taking between two and three classes a semester, and taking one day a week to go to class. Now I will be home writing most every night and he will be off in class. We are excited though for him to chip away at the classes he needs to finish before PA school. He will be a great PA!

I’m off to finish writing, I have been working on a constant-comparative program evaluation. My quantitative data came in and now I’m working on some of my qual data. I have a few themes already….and I will be adding more this week as I do one-on-one phone interviews. YAY 🙂 #Spoons #haveagreatweek

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