You know I realized today how quick we can forgot to be thankful for the small things! My husband brought home body pillows and those things are amazing! Combine those body pillows with some hot water bottles and maybe sleep will be much easier!

As I thought about that I realized how for some people….body pillows are the farthest things from their minds. A priority might be food on the table…maybe more than one meal a day….or running water inside!

I grew up in a country where these things were not available all time and I’ve been blessed to travel around the world to Africa and India….seeing the needs that one I day I hope to help! While my visits to these countries might bring some small sense of help, like a toy or a hug….there is so much more to do. People need water, food, shoes, and importantly they need an education! Education provides kids and adults a way to overcome their current environment. But for many kids and adults….education might not happen.

I am so blessed that in a year, I’ll complete 12 years of higher Education. For many kids and adults out there…..they only wish they could say those same words.

So body pillows got me to thinking tonight…I hope maybe it gets you to thinking. Then maybe we can all start making positive changes for the better. And if you are ever interested in making a change, check out http://www.WorldHelp.com! Amazing resource.

To cap it all off, see how my body pillows got stolen by my kids!




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