This week

This week has certainly been a tough one! Not only have I been focusing on finishing my coursework but I have also been doing the insurance battle again! On Friday, I went to see my infectious disease doctor and finally got clearance from him to start Orencia. I call my rheumatologist’s office to schedule my first infusion, and find out that the last pre-determination document was never sent. I speak with the new office manger and let her know I called three times in May and early June and was told on June 4th, the document had been submitted and I just needed to wait a few weeks. This document was after I had been told my insurance approved Orencia and all was good.

I beg the office manager to send in the form and try to push it forward since it should have been done in May. She did and later called me…apparently my insurance let the office know several months ago that before I am allowed to start Orencia infusions I have to start and fail Enbrel and or Humira. While the thought of self-injections doesn’t scare me I was a little shocked. The tough part is my rheumy has to decide which I can take because I have both RA and Lupus, I know some bio meds I cannot take. Also, my rheumy is out of the country so it will be several weeks before I know what decides to do. His office manager said he could either decide and call in the prescription or make me wait until I see him again in September.

It seems like this journey to get on bio meds has been just that…a journey. Frustrating, annoying, and stressful but I also know things will work out in Gods timing so that I hold on to today. Meds will be approved and finally started, I just have to be patient.

The good news of the weekend, Matt and I went to an amazing restaurant to celebrate the end of my coursework! We enjoyed some great one-on-one time, and commiserated on the long journey that is coming to a close! May/August will be here before I know it!

Praying for a great week, I get off on Wednesday for some much needed vacation time! I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of dissertation work!

Before I go, I have been perusing my pictures from home and I cannot believe how much has changed. As a kid growing up in Honduras, I never thought I would be where I am today! Here is one picture from my home….


And some more pictures I captured this week!




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