Today is the day! Tonight I give my last presentation in a classroom, hard to believe that I will be only enrolled in dissertation hours this semester and next….and then hopefully graduation!!!

I remember praying for this day that first semester of my doc program! I was slammed with reading and writing…the goal to reach the day when comps were DONE and when I was only working on my dissertation!

I didn’t realize how bittersweet it would be too! So many long long nights learning statistics, writing 50 page papers, and more! Yes strangely I will miss it!

I think what makes me the most proud….all of this has happened despite the daily excruciating pain and sickness! Finding out I had Rheumatoid Arthritis back when I was in graduate school…and then learning I also had Lupus and later Fibromyalgia….I wasn’t sure many days if I had the energy or ability to pull the late hours, work full time, and have a family. Despite the ups and downs with auto-immune suppression, I’m still hanging in there! Praise The Lord for that!

Yet the journey is close to being over, I am ABD….my next goal is to finish strong! And then to see where God leads me….

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