Me Day

Sometimes the hardest part of handling life with RALF (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia) is getting the rest that I desperately need. Up until now I have not only worked a full time job, but I have also been a full time student. Now that I am only on dissertation hours, I am determined to work at getting more sleep at night. These past two and half years of coursework, have been filled with nights of sometimes three or four hours of sleep (sometimes less). That has left my body exhausted! I think getting more sleep at night will help ease my pain as well as hopefully lessen the issues with Fibro fog.

I have managed to get off of my Lyrica completely! I miss the pain relief I got from it…but with my newest heart issues…it seemed to be the best decision. Granted the pain flares are so bad…but I am still holding to finding more creative ways to endure. Since I am also allergic to most prescription pain killers with codene, I am limited in ways to get relief from medication. That is definitely one reason I am hoping that soon I can get on a biologic or other RA med that will bring more relief.

So since I am trying to bring a bit more balance to my life, I used my last personal day I was going to lose this fiscal year…and decided to stay home today. To rest, relax, watch tv, listen to music, of course write a few pages on my dissertation, and play with my furry kids. These next few weeks at the office (through mid-September) are going to be chaotic as I am planning major events. And of course once September is here I will be working on another event. And by the time that event happens, there will be another event in October…and yes before I know it….the year will be over! Hard to believe time travels by so quickly. Some days I yearn for being a kid when it felt like the year NEVER ended! 🙂

I’m off to write, relax, conserve my spoons, and enjoy a day at home!


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