Ready for the week?

I’ve been asking myself that very question….I sure hope I am ready for the week! This week is my last week to plan a major event I’m hosting this coming Friday! I have done so much work! Literally Wednesday I barely stopped I was so determined to get stuff done! I hope this week I am able to stay level headed and focused! I also pray that my energy holds up!

For some reason, not sure why, my LTBI meds have made me extremely nauseated this week! I was so sick this weekend…I was miserable. Even tonight I’m struggling with nausea…so a major prayer is that I wake up tomorrow able to make it all day!

I also hope I hear from my PCP tomorrow! I called for a new referral….this mess of trying to get a bio medicine is getting ridiculous. I would love to not have to get a whole new rheumy but if I need to do that, I will do what I need to do. I hate the whole process of starting with a new rheumy but I’ve been working to get on a biologic since April/or change to a better medicine….neither has happened! I see my rheumy on the 29th….if I walk out of there with more chasing my tail…..then I’m going to have to find a new rheumy. Even if I have to drive for miles…I will do it! Honestly our diseases are too critical to ignore or to wait to address. Bad rheumys are out there….disappointing but true! I hope that if nothing else this experience will help me have nuggets of wisdom to share with someone else who might need some wisdom!

Xo let’s have a great week!

Ps up to 81 pages on my dissertation proposal! Another 20 pages or so to go and I can send it in for a first draft to my chair. I hope to have all pages/my edited draft due by the 27th!

My cuties that keep me going on rough days!





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