This weekend was crazy! Actually most of last week was crazy! This time of the school year is always insane! Long hours happen at work….two days last week were 11 hour days and one day was a 14 hour day! And even some work on Saturday. Exhausting! Very exhausting!

This week will be just like last week! I have so much going on and so much to do. It is going to be nuts! So I am determined to rest as much as I can. I know they I am easily fatigued especially will all the LTBI meds. I go back to the lessons I’ve learned over the past months…one of the most critical lessons being ….balance!!! I need to rest, sleep, relax, conserve energy, and write my dissertation! I am up to the quality revenue, qualitative analysis, discussion, and future implications for my last chapter (of the proposal piece)! The downside of all this work is that I’m exhausted when I come home! 😦 however my goal is to do an hour or two of work every night this week (with one night off)! I also have a goal to work on my dissertation all weekend! I need to get this writing done and will it be hard…yes!!! But I am determined! It will get done, I’m seeing the major need for self discipline! One way I’m working to stay on track is to make sure I’m getting to bed early (by 11:00pm) so that I am more rested in the morning. 🙂

And more positive news! I was approved to see a new rheumy! While I do have an appt with my old rheumy next Friday….I went ahead and requested a new referral. I’m hoping and praying I walk about with a new medicine next Friday but if I don’t I’m afraid that I will be chasing my tail again! I know I did not go through all these LTBI meds to not be able to get on a biologic! Praying for my next appointment! Praying for a positive experience!

I’m off to rest but here are some pictures of my friends wedding that I just got home from! She is so sweet and is so beautiful inside and out! I wish her and her new husband a wonderful future together 🙂

















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