The semester starts tomorrow! First dissertation semester for me! Hopefully only one of two dissertation semesters! (Lord willing)! 🙂 I also start my bible study this week, Wednesday will be my first night! I am praying that I make some friends and learn some great stuff!

I see my old rheumy (I.e., rheumy number 2) on Friday! I’m praying that I make headway on a bio med. I know now that I need to have either Enbrel or Humira….before I can go for Orencia. I’m praying that I can start something soon! Pray with me that the appointment goes well!

Off to rest for tonight! The past three weeks have been nuts. I worked a 55, 60, and 50 hr week! I had to rest this weekend….my body was exhausted! I pray this week will not be that crazy!

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