The first week

Today marked the first week of the Fall 2014 semester! It felt so good to spend my Wednesday….NOT in a classroom but at my ladies bible study. I have missed going these past two years! Granted I was also sooo tired. I wondered how in the world I made EVERY SINGLE class these past two years. I NEVER missed a scheduled class session! I realized that…never once did I miss a class! HOLY COW! It reminded me of my freshman year of college….I never missed a class that year either! Although by my junior year…I was good at making use of my excused absences 🙂

I hope to post awesome news on Friday!! I see my current rheumy! I am praying and hoping that this appointment goes well. I hope I walk out of the appointment with a bio med either in hand (oh wouldn’t that be awesome) or at least strides made on it. I am hoping for courage to stand up for myself and ask for what I need regardless of his attitude. And I also hope that I have the necessary intuition to make the best decision for me. These decisions include the best medicine for me, and a clarity as to whether I should stay or move forward with seeking a new rheumatologist. The new rheumy (would be rheumy three) has an office about an hour or so away from me…it would be a drive….and this rheumy does not have privileges at a close hospital. But I do believe a working relationship with a rheumy is critical to successful treatment. So keep me in mind on Friday! I hate the thought of walking out of the appointment frustrated, angry, and yet again with no new medicine….however, I am also telling myself that if that happens…I have another appointment scheduled for the 15th of September with a new rheumy. So that isn’t too long of a wait…but still it is a wait…and I am so miserable in pain right now. Send happy positive thoughts and prayers up for me on Friday!

I’m off to code some more data!!

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