The proposal is off!!

Yes!!! My 100 page proposal is off to my chair for her edits (can only imagine the red!)! Now I’m working on my IRb exempt application so as soon as I propose I can get that submitted.

Second Enbrel was given last night! I am amazed at how sore my other leg still is…guess this week I will have two sore legs! I still do not have my own enbrel yet….my insurance sent forms to my rheumy office that 4 days later have still not been returned. I was able to get one more Enbrel sample so that I have an extra 7 days before I have to figure out what to do next! You definitely have to advocate for yourself! If you don’t nothing happens!

I also got my amazing World Help blogger shirt this week!!!! While I don’t always mention World Help, I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about serving and helping those who have needs. I appreciate following World Help on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (follow them…you won’t be sorry)! The people they help, the lives changed and touched…absolutely amazing! I am reminded even if I cannot go all the time to another country, I can do a lot from my home! There are needs everywhere!

I’m off to the Houston Aquarium! More soon! #spoons

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