Much has happened!!! I hate that sometimes my isolated self keeps things in my mind versus on paper! I spent much of last week working on edits from my committee! Granted the edits were not as extensive as I thought they would be…granted some areas did need some work but I was expecting major red and I was happy that didn’t happen 🙂

I also decided to stop going to my Bible study. I went hoping to find friends and get connected (while studying the bible of course). But after the first class I still felt like a stranger….it seemed most women were there with friends and honestly I stopped going three weeks ago…not one person has checked on me or asked why I wasn’t there…I guess more me that is more confirmation. Maybe one day I’ll find a class that I can connect with on that level that I am searching for. I want those friends that I can trust and friends willing to understand my life and all that comes with RA/Lupus.

A major positive today….I met my new rheumy! She was very down to earth and willing to listen. I appreciated her attitude and her desire to learn about me. She actually went over my patient history! Wow! She is a drive away from me but today that drive was totally worth it! Let’s see, time will tell how her office does! Crossing fingers!

A downside is I am having enbrel injection reactions 😦 swollen leg post injection = no fun! And to make matters worse, I sliced my hand on a window glass and now it is sooo hard to type! I sure hope my hand heals fast!!!

Despite the chaos of the week, I love sharing what is going on and hoping that others out there know I def get their journeys! I love hearing other stories of survival…of advocating for ourselves and our pain! This journey isn’t easy but we have to stand up and fight for ourselves! And for that part of it is just sharing our life story!

Hugs and let’s hope for a great Tuesday!

Ps! We also went to a dynamo game this weekend!!! Sooo much fun!


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