Proposal Is Off

The edits for my proposal are back in the hands of my committee! I am looking forward to their edits and comments. It is always interesting to me how the paper can sound so good but then three or four people look at it and they give you (the author) ways to improve and next thing you know it sound soo good! The down side for me (given my Type A personality) is the waiting for edits. BUT I do have a lot to do in the meantime, including preparing my IRB and PowerPoint for my proposal. It seems weird to think that I am this close to a proposal date…I remember two years ago I thought this time would never get here. Trying to stay NOT stressed because I do know that I am capable of doing this work. I think it is just normal to still be stressed about this process in general.

Hubby and I enjoyed an us day on Saturday. We woke up and drove to an awesome mall (yes I do love a great mall), and then we went for a pedicure! We enjoyed a day of relaxation, talking, thinking of our future, and enjoying what might be one of the last warm days of summer (RIGHT?). It rained so much last week, I’m hoping it won’t be too hot or humid this week.

I have a month of Enbrel under my belt! YAY! I cannot believe I am giving myself shots but hey I’m doing it. I have had skin reactions to the Enbrel after my first dose. Each week the skin reaction is happening much sooner but as long as it goes away after about two days I’m not too worried. I am noticing though that my hair is getting brittle again…I’m not sure why. I’m not sure if it is the Enbrel and Imuran combo ( I am on 50mg. of Imuran a day)…or if it is just that I need to up my Bioten/Folic Acid dose. Because my hair is starting to fall out again and shedding is happening way more than it was…I’m trying to not straigthen my hair as much. 😦 I LOVE LOVE LOVE straightening my hair…but I did find some awesome Paul Mitchell frizz control so my hair isn’t too frizzy. 🙂

I hope to see some increase in energy and less pain every day as Enbrel takes effect. It is disheartening how some people judge what they cannot see. I was having terrible hip pain today so when I went to the store…I parked in a handicap spot. I got some REALLY dirty looks for an older couple who (honestly) were walking better than me. It was hurtful that people judge you because “you look nice”, “you don’t look sick,” or “how can you be hurting, you look fine.” I have to wonder….was I that thoughtless before I got sick? Did I really only think that people could suffer if I could see their suffering? It definitely gave me something to think about tonight!

I’m in a count-down mood! We are heading out in about three weeks on our mini-vacation/work trip! It is a disconnection from reality for me and a work trip for my hubby! Oh well even a few days away will be nice. The one thing I can say I REALLY like about being done with classes is that I can spend my time each night on something that interests me and I can rest so much more. I don’t have the pressure of getting assignments in by Wednesday every week. I did not realize how good that would feel! It feels great!

Well I am off to rest, write, edit, etc. I got some sushi tonight to celebrate sending my proposal back in to my committee (yes celebrate ALL the steps)…and I picked sushi with Sarachi sauce! SOOO no I did not eat much of it :-P. I’m off to search for ice cream 🙂 XX OO J

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