A long week done!

Yes a long week is over! Hard to believe that tomorrow is Sunday and that the work week starts all over again soon! The good news is that my vacation is coming quickly! Just a little over two weeks..the downside is so much to do between now and then!

The proposal has come back with more edits and some slight changes. All is good except my third article. There have been some tweaks with the variables. I originally had 4 variables (in two studies), and then it changed to 4 variables in 5 studies, and now it is 3 variables in 5 studies. So I am working on some additional literature review before I send back my proposal. The positive, I’m doing work now that…despite slowing down my actual proposal..will “hopefully” give me less work before the defense. So while one date is delayed, the work I am doing right now will be less work after the proposal.

I’m officially on week 5 of Enbrel! Despite the skin reactions and headache I do believe it is working. Hurts like a bia when the shot goes in but it is definitely worth it every week. I am hoping I don’t have many issues taking my Enbrel on the plane in a few weeks! I am planning on being there early and I have secured a letter from my rheumatologist as well.

Funny story to share…we went to switch over our phones from one cell carrier to another. When we went to the new cell carrier, they did not have any Iphone 6’s (which was fine, I loved my Iphone 5) but then the manager comes out and asks us if we would take a special edition Gold 64 GB Iphone 6 for the same price as a regular 16gb Iphone 6. What do you think we said! 🙂 I love my new phone, it makes typing so much easier…although I find it funny it is so big! Let’s hope it lasts 😀

The craziness of the dissertation process has been eye opening! And I am definitely praying about our future. The job I might have next year, the place we might call home next year, the new things we might have to figure out next year! So many thoughts and stresses…makes me miss the classroom…at least I had a syllabus guiding the semester. Now I am guiding the semester, by getting research and edits done. I am the one who decides how fast or slow to go! Lots of the pressure is on my shoulders and while I like it..it is very new for me.

This semester has definitely been a semester of new things, new biologic (first ever) medicine, first semester of dissertation hours, first semester of truly planning for POST school (first time in 11 years!!!!). So many firsts, part of me wishes we had those close friends to talk out these things with us…but we do not have that at this point in our lives. The positive is that despite not having those close friends who are in our sandbox during this time, I have some excellent support through my FB page. I have met some amazing ladies who support me, encourage me, and text me at times in my life where I need it the most. I am so blessed! And these changes have encouraged my hubby and I to realize the value of communication.

Yes being married and having rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia is HARD! Yes being married, going to school (doctorate) full time, and having RA, Lupus, and Fibro is HARD! Yes being married, going to school (doctorate), working full time, and having RALF is HARD!! But we are here fighting for yet another day! And we credit a lot of that to the major support I have found through my FB page (www.facebook.com/STLRALF). It helps me talk about what I feel, share how life is, and receive such amazing support on FB, Twitter, and this blog! So we thank you! You all help in so many different ways!

Off to the library I go! XO J

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