Making progress

I’m making progress! I was notified this week that I will be proposing my dissertation in just a few short weeks!! Crazy exciting! I am almost all the way through edits from my committee. I turn it back in to them by Wednesday (if not early) and then I will work on my PPT and the beginning of my IRB application. I remember thinking back to when I was a beginning doctoral student in 2012, I was so nervous to watch someone else finishing their dissertation…now I am that student. I will also be practicing my presentation in a class close to when I will do my actual presentation. I hope I do well and do not freak out all the students that are watching! 😛 I’m so blessed that steps are being made toward finishing this degree…although I won’t lie it is scary too!

Vacation starts this week! I am looking forward to seeing a new place, and enjoying some “relaxation.” When I come back I will dive headfirst into hosting a conference (not even 4 days after I come back) and then I will be practicing/preparing for my proposal. Crazy month of October! Never fails to be an exciting time.

Great news to report on the Enbrel. While I hate the actual injections, I think that Enbrel is helping. Although I noticed that on the days I forget my Imuran, I still feel a major difference so I do not think I can go solo on the Enbrel (at least not yet). Today I was so excited because I was able to put on a button down shirt! I haven’t been able to do that in a LONG time! Progress 🙂

I am hoping that I don’t run into any issues as I travel! I have never had to travel with injectable medication before, so this journey will be a learning experience. I will definitely be blogging so that way if there are any other biologic newbies…maybe something I learn to do better will help you!

And finally this month starts mission month at my church, while I think serving/helping others should be the focus of everyone all year round. I cannot forget where my heart is and that is the many needs of people around the world. I go back to the focus of the organization I hold dear to my heart, The World Help organization. Not only have I had the opportunity to serve with them but I am blessed to continue to stay in contact and keep up with all they are doing post-my trip. Too often it is easy to slide back into our lives and forget about what was seen or experienced when serving abroad. I love that I can follow World Help on Facebook and Instagram and keep up with all they are doing. I also am able to keep up with the VP of African Affairs (not true title) as he shares the mission of World Help around the globe! I would love his job! 🙂 Anyways sometime this month, I encourage you to pay it forward, go serve somewhere, help out at a mission, or something. It always helps me to put what I have in perspective! Sure many days I have “I wants” but you know in the true scope of things, I am MAJOR BLESSED! I am blessed with food, running water, electricity, heat or a/c, and SO MUCH MORE! That is above and beyond the things that I have that are certainly not requirements for living such as a car, iphone, purses, more than one pair of shoes, etc. When I think about it, I AM DEFINITELY blessed! I hate it that sometimes I forget that and let myself think of what else I want in my own life, when truthfully I have gained and have so much!

Off to rest and relax! More soon! 🙂

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