Where does time go?

Time flies sooo fast! I had an awesome week in Anchorage, pictures were posted all over my Instagram and of course I blogged some amazing pictures here! It is so cool to see mountains covered in snow! God certainly created a beautiful world! I came home and spent the week getting ready to run logistics for a major conference on campus. That took all of Friday! It was a LONG BUSY day!

I spent Saturday recuperating and taking care of errands around the house. I also worked on my PPT edits and my IRB edits. I just submitted my IRB again to my committee, it is about 98% ready to submit post proposal. My PPT is ready for me to practice. I’m making progress, things are getting real. I have a practice proposal in class on Thursday of this week and the real deal is next Wednesday.

I sure hope my body co-operates! I have been in a lot of pain this week. I think the fatigue from all the travel and the busy at last caught up to me. The Enbrel helps but not enough some days! This weekend my ankle/knees/hips have especially hurt. BUT I’m making progress and that is what counts!

I also made a hair appointment for Saturday. Going to get my hair touched up before my defense. I have my suite bought, my shoes ready, and all is going to go well. Will it be perfect….no! Something will happen…I might slip up…but that is ok. I will do my very best! Heck I”m defening my proposal…after all that has happened in my life..after making it through up to today battling Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibormyalgia! I AM PROUD of how far I have come. I know though I am not alone in this battle, many wonder can they do school (college, high school, or even graduate school) with RA/Lupus, and/or Fibro. And it is extremely hard to do it battling these invisible diseases (or others) but it is possible. Just one foot in front of the other! One day at at time. Rest when you need to, take one day at a time.

Speaking of rest…I’m off to get a nap! Stay tuned to see what else goes on in this journey called life! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Where does time go?

  1. Blessings on your endeavor!!

    I sooo needed this awesome encouragement! In grad school currently and just finished my 3rd to last course!!! 2 week break starts today!

    1. Yay!!! 3rd to lasd class is awesome! I rmemener being there! You got this journeu! It is so hard and you should be incredibly proud od yourself! Be proud that you went to graduate school and be proud that you are getting it done! Yes!!!!

      1. The Lord is with you in all you do.
        I’m sure you will be fine just fine!!! And congrats on going that far. Whew!

      2. I actually had the choice too, but I opted out. I have to do a cumulative exam of all my course studies in the end! I have 4 days to do it so it shouldn’t be too bad at all!

      3. Yea I should be good.
        Well you are def an inspiration!!! Amidst pain, you still follow your dreams! Go you! Praise God.

        I am off to my cozy bed now ha ha. I am getting delirious!
        Have a great week.

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