Almost that time!

It is almost that time! This weekend has been crazy! It all started on Friday when my Siberian Husky (and furry kid) Bruce got sick. I took him to the vet and he ended up spending the night in the Vet ER. It was a weekend of checking on him, giving him additional medicine, and hoping for answers. It reminded me of the feeling when I was working so hard to get my own DX. Each doctor, or in Bruce’s case..a vet…had a different idea. BUT I will say our regular DVM…has been amazing. She has given us more information, been available to answer questions, and helped us get Bruce into an internal medicine vet (didn’t even know they existed).

I spent all day at the specialist clinic yesterday with Bruce…and he had tests, labs, and ultrasounds done. I got back his results today, thankfully he doesn’t have Addison’s degree…but Bruce likely does have Crohns disease (as my original vet suspected several months ago). Bruce is going to move to a hypoallergenic food (didn’t know that existed either) and be on a low down antibiotic to help keep his Crohns symptoms at bay. I sure hope we found what needs fixed for Bruce as he has started being anemic due to the months of being chronically ill.

And to add to the craziness of the week, I do my proposal defense tomorrow!! Yup, tomorrow this time I should be finishing my proposal defense and be preparing to answer questions from my committee (scary!). I am looking forward to it, I want it to be over. But I want to enjoy it too, this is a huge step and I’m nervous but excited to take it. I have my copies of my proposal printed, I know my PPT information, and now I’m praying for a great night’s sleep and confidence tomorrow. My goal today will be to read through my proposal one more time and then pray for the Lord’s strength and peace. To help, I asked for today, Wednesday, and Thursday off so I could rest/prepare (today), have that as my only focus tomorrow, and then relax and recoup on Thursday. I am looking for the entire experience to be a learning experience!

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