Finally updating

It has a crazy week!!! Last week we had a major sick Bruce and this week was crazy with all things. Monday, Bruce and I spent all day at a speciality vet (internal medicine), and it looks like after running a bunch of tests….Bruce’s Crohns (sp?) was all but confirmed. Bruce was switched to a hypoallergenic dog food and a low dose metronidazole to help keep the symptoms on his Crohns at bay. Most of last week Bruce was lethargic but over this weekend he is acting more like his normal self.

On Tuesday I was off work, I had planned to take the day off to do any last minute things for my proposal defense. It was a good and much needed day to rest. I read through my entire proposal one last time and then I made sure to get to bed early. Boy was it hard to sleep I was so nervous. But I did get some sleep.

I woke up and got ready. Hubby was coming too and we made sure to get some awesome morning medicine (I.e., Starbucks)!!! we made it to campus in good time and I had about an hour to make sure my room was ready and that I had no technical difficulties. I only almost fell once!

As it got closer to noon I was so nervous! But I was able to start one time and I gave about a 20 minute presentation. Then my committee and audience ( about 5 students and then my hubby) asked questions. When I went I was expecting to make changes so I had taken Thursday off. But when I talked with my committee they had decided to accept my proposal as it was with no changes! Yay! I came home and rested and vegged in front of the TV.

I worked Thursday and Friday, making sure my IRB was submitted and Reference checking. Then yesterday hubby and I went to our annual alma mater football game. We had fun sitting three rows from the 10 yard line. Got some awesome pictures of my mascot 🙂

My new goal is to have my results written and a final draft to my committee by dec 1. Would be great to have a final defense scheduled before Christmas! May graduation looks to be on schedule! Hurray!

This week it will be writing and keeping up with everything. I see my Rheumy next week, we are running a new lupus panel and RA panel. I’m interested to see how enbrel is working. I might also ask to go back to Mtx. I think I might like it better than my imuran. We shall see.

All in all, a great week! Xo













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