Brr it is cold outside

I tell myself my favorite time of the year is when it is right between fall and winter. The weather is cool (not too hot) but also not too warm (nothing like the dog days of Houston Texas right..). Today was a cold day, I think we were in the 50’s but I caught myself enjoying it. Am I preparing mentally/physically to hopefully be in New England one day? Today, as I was walking back to my car I realized wow…how things have changed. My first few years in this country, I HATED the cold weather. Likely in part due to the fact it took a few years to get a good winter wardrobe, learn how to layer, and see the awesomeness of boots/scarfs! 🙂 Today, I realized maybe to some extend I have become acculturated…I like the cool weather :)…progress.

I had a great appointment with my rheumy. She and I talked about my progress on Enbrel, she agreed that long-term Imuran is not a great choice. She admitted it is not a drug she likes to prescribe, that is something I have heard before. The side-effects of Imuran can be really rough, so she did move me back to Methotrexate. Back to the oral chemo I was on when I first started. However, she is confident that the Enbrel/MTX combo will be good for me. On one hand I am not looking forward to MTX hang over days, it is going to make Friday’s the most dreaded day of the week! I will come home from work, take my Enbrel and my MTX!! Although likely, I will take half my dose on Friday night and half my dose Saturday morning. But I still remember the nausua, the stomach cramps, the exhaustion, and so on. But you know, since this is a long term (i.e., chronic disease) I need to be smart about the medication. While being on chemo long term is definitely not what I planned, if it is the worst of two medications then I have to think about the better choice.

I also have contacted the Arthritis Foundation of Houston. I have been searching for a hobby, I am hoping that I can plug in somewhere, a place or activity that can put me in a position to advocate for more awareness of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. It is 2014 but these diseases are still NOT known. People can be so clueless and if I can be instrumental in bringing awareness I want to do so. So we shall see what happens in the months to come.

Off to work on my results for Study 3 🙂

7 thoughts on “Brr it is cold outside

  1. Some of your blog I could have written myself! I love how much activity you still fit in to your life, I’m like that too. I backed off the doctoral study though, wasn’t sure I could put in the years on one project. I am just starting methotrexate, finding it turbulent already.

    1. Methotrexate is def rough. Im hoping the Enbrel/MTX combo wont be too rough. What do you do? It is so hard to stay active when you hurt so much. Surprisingly I finished mt coursework in 2.5yrs, I was ABD this August. I defended my dissertation proposal in October and I am planning on graduating in May. Baby steps for sure. I hope my blog is insightful and i loved hearing from you.

      1. I’m a teacher and I have hobbies on hobbies. In the last 5 years I have studied a Masters in Education and a Postgrad Certificate in teaching religion. I have now finished studying. Too much at the moment with illness as well.

      2. 4yrs ago told I have osteoarthritis. That was wrong. Fibro diagnosis 2yrs ago, inflamm arthritis diagnosis a week ago. Key problem area feet and legs, makes it very hard. Hope new meds fix that.

      3. I was told I had early onset osteoarthritis because I was Rheumatoid Factor negative. Three years later in such pain, I had doctors thinking I had thyroid or hormone stuff causing the pain and nothing. Then finally found a dr that thought it was RA and she started me on treatment. Been about 4 years for me too, June 12,2010. Then it was RA and Lupus and then in 2012, Fibro joined.

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