Days flying by!!

Wow the time flies by…I just realized that the end of 2014 is about a month away! WOW! It feels like 2014 has flown by! There have been MANY MANY MANY life lessons in 2014. I have finished my last year in my doctoral program, I have passed comprehensive exams, I have defended my dissertation proposal, and by the conclusion of 2014 I will have an entire draft of my dissertation done! WOW!

Not only that but I have found a new rheumy (twice), and I have started self-injections of Enbrel. I hoped to put off biologic medicines but it was not to be. I have also gone through Imuran and moved back to Methotrexate! Amazing what a year can do for RA/Lupus (Rupus as my rheumy says).

And I have also am now experiencing what might be another effect of the Rupus….cervical/overian problems. I have had an abnormal pap (first abnormal one in 10 years), have completed two ultrasounds, and am now waiting on a bunch of labs. What the future might be on this I have no idea. I know that it feels as if one more part of my body is sick and not working. And it is very frustrating, not only as a nearly 30 year old woman but also as someone who hoped a family might be in the future now that my years of education is over. It has definitely been a new challenge that I can has been part of 2014.

I am also happy because 2014 brought travel to various cities in the United States, including the beautiful cold state of Alaska! 🙂 There is nothing I enjoy more than travel, I enjoyed being able to see some amazing cities this year. I hope that travel continues to be part of my future!

And the last addition of 2014 that I can think of at the moment is the transition from student to professional. Instead of planning my next year of coursework, I am planning my next career, or my next city! Yes that part I would say is one of the most challenging (next to health). It has been 11 years of being a student, it is hard to think of where I will work, what city might I have to move to in order to get a job! If we move for me to get a job, what will my hubby do? Where would be a good place to live? Would I be willing to settle for a job just to have a higher paying job? Would I move for that job (that might be ok but not THE job) simply to have a job….but again what about my family? These questions and more are only some of the thoughts that have settled in my brain over the past few months as the reality that school is ending (YAY!) and life post school is beginning. I’m excited to see what will happen, I pray that I will be strong. I pray that my faith will hold me! I trust that my faith will keep me strong in all the things I have experienced in 2014 and all the things that are coming in 2015!

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