Crazy week

The crazy week that no one could plan! This time week before last my hubby and I talked about how we would have one crazy week, we had so many things to do. Now that our week is over, so much happened that we never planned for…doesn’t it always!

We were expecting to go to a wedding this weekend, and I’m so sad for my friends because that did not happen. I can only imagine being so close to such a huge event and then it doesn’t happen! 😦 I have no words for them, just prayers as their is substantial hurt on all sides for all involved.

Then when I got home from work on a Thursday, I had to take Bruce back to the vet. His allergic reaction wasn’t healing so he needed an antibiotic shot! He has to get sjors versus oral antibiotics because oral meds would affect his Chrons disease medicine. So when we got back we noticed there was lots of water in the drive way…turned out the main water line to the house broke! 😦 Irrr not good.

Then after working to see what to do to fix that problem, we noticed HOA had posted a notice that we needed our paint redone on the house! It was like really? Sad part was they couldn’t even tell us where, so now they have to come back by and take pictures. But hey at least the water line is fixed now!

Matt went to get food on Thursday night, after the water line and vet visit, and he was around the corner from our house when he saw a cat running across the road. He stopped to not hit the cat, and a 100 pound lab hit the drivers side of the car. Apparently the dog was chasing the cat, because the owner of the dog didn’t close their gate, so the dog ran out when he saw the kitty. The unfortunate pain of dealing with insurance followed. The owner did not feel that it was their fault, although he finally said he would “check” his homeowners policy. We filed our claim immediately and after several phone calls on Friday, we got the car to a body shop. $1000 later we hope to have repairs done this week or early next. Amazing to me the process of it all, thankfully enterprise was able to get us a rental car right away. I’m driving a car that feels like a boat but at least I have wheels. Downside is we have to pay the deductible 😦 thankfully it isn’t a huge amount but I’m still wishing the owner of the dog would pay it. Although our insurance company says that is not likely, :-(.

The good part of this weekend, Matt was able to complete his first KSW test of the year. First one he has done since he took a break and came back. It was tiring but he did well! And after a restful afternoon we went to a Christmas Party last night at a Brazilian Steakhouse! Yummy!! The food was delicious! I of course loved my shoes!

Crazy weekend yes? Nuts weekend! I finally got a call from my doctors, I have to go in for more tests etc. So back to the doctors I go! Amazing how RA/Lupus can cause so many problems! But we got to see Christmas lights!!!

But the week is past, I have a 3.5 work week this week and then I’m off for Christmas break! Yay! I hope to spend my time editing and writing my last chapter. My final defense I hope to schedule either Jan or Feb. I am required to present my results which I am excited to do. Then hopefully by feb. I can start ordering my graduation stuff 🙂 I’ve been told my final defense is expected however to plan on graduating, it is so reassuring to hear your co-chairs be so encouraging. It takes so much stress off when you know that they have you in the right track!










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