Flaring! Flaring sucks don’t it! I hate it when I flare and I wish I could stop it once it starts but I haven’t managed that yet. I worked a LONG day these past few days. Working 8.5hr days and not many breaks. Today I ended up working on a project from 7:30am until 3:30pm! I did not move all day! I couldn’t believe it, but as soon as I moved I realized how stiff I was :-(. And now my knees and hips are so swollen! But the good news, only a half day tomorrow! Hurray! Then 2 weeks of break!

Goals for the break period = edit!!! I will be editing my dissertation and preparing to do all the paperwork I need to do in order to graduate in May! I will also be working on a professional what I need to do list. Yes time to start planning for what is next! Praying that the lord answers many unspoken prayers.

But tonight, I’m off to rest and hope this flare goes away soon! #spoons


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