You know that one thing you hate to do….but sometimes that one thing is something that needs done? That’s how I feel about a few things in life…moving is one of them. I hate the packing, living in boxes, dumping everything in a vehicle (s) to move, and unpacking. I would love to hand someone my keys, and say move me/unpackme and I will be back when it is all over! HAH! RIGHT! Wouldn’t that be amazing.

Well another I also hate to deal with are car dealerships! Yes, not that every single person who works there is horrible or mean….but it is just a LONG LONG LONG process that I personally hate. But today my husband and I set out to see what we could to do trade in our 2013 vehicle as the miles are adding up and I know that the value is going down. So we started at one place and after 1.5hrs……….we turned down their offer and left. Driving to another dealership I was hoping that we would have much better luck…and YES WE DID! We traded in our 2013 for a 2015 new model of a new car. I have never driving the new car model or brand. I’m excited to have a new car and hoping that the next three years with this vehicle are going to be as good as we have experienced with our old car.

Needless to say I am exhausted. The dealerships chair of course were NOT comfortable in any way. I feel like my lower back is broken so I’m making my home on my amazing couch. I realize “wow so much gets done on my couch.” I have written my dissertation predominately from the couch. I have written SOO many class papers from the couch. But the amazing thing is that the papers got done and yes the dissertation is just about done. My Christmas gift to myself will be to get all my edits done that I have so that way I can start January with just editing editing and editing as my dissertation chairs get me the edits to fix. I love the fine tuning to the dissertation. I’m am so blessed to have amazing chairs. They have worked with me over break, they have helped me in so many ways. I am definitely blessed! šŸ™‚

back to work I go! Merry Christmas all!


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