Dec 30th

Yup hard to believe it is December 30th (AGAIN!). This time in the years past, I have been preparing for my Spring courses. Some years it was Criminal Justice course, other years I was digging into my Counseling books, and most recently I have been working on my Educational Leadership coursework. And this Spring, I am filing for graduation! I am preparing to see what the world will bring next. Hard to believe time has flown by so much.

This time next year, I wonder what I will be doing? Where will I be? What will I be doing? I have been spending a lot of time this break in prayer, thinking about 2015 and how I know life will change. I am praying that no matter what happens, I continue to grow/deepen my faith. I pray that I will continue to  mature, that I will continue to advocate for living life despite RA, Lupus, or Fibromyalgia. I know there will be challenges, and I know that no matter what those challenges are….that today I am determined to face those challenges head on.

Many I know are facing different struggles. I say a prayer for them! I hope that I can continue to be a friend that they need in their tough times. And I pray that no matter the pain, no matter the exhaustion, that I continue to stay focused on my goals and dreams.

Happy almost 2015! J

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