It is almost 2015!!!! Officially where I live it is New Years Eve! Last 24hrs of 2014 are here, hard to believe. Of course on the other side of the world like Guam, it is also 4:30-5:00pm. For them, 2015 will be here in less than 9hrs. And then we will celebrate and prepare to start the Spring 2015 semester.

I spent today downloading a few apps that I hope to use in 2015. The first app is a recipe and meal planning application. Hunny and I are going to work at eating healthier this next year. And we hope that with meal planning we will not only plan our finances better but we can also start being a bit healthier.

I also downloaded a financial expense tracker application. It is nice to work at ways to be on top our finances. We know that if we want adoption to happen, we need to set some better goals for ourself. We have also decided that 2015 will be our planning/preparation year. We will work to be healthier, we will work to be financially healthier, and we hope to develop some healthy habits to live by. I know it is easy to say that now but I hope that we stay true to our goals.

Hard to believe this is my last few days of vacation! It is back to work on Monday! No doubt it will be a nuts week. I have a big event on the 30th so it will for sure be a busy few weeks. But I am ok with the back to work, I like my routines and being home for two weeks changes things. Granted I have gotten my home cleaned, I’ve made some great goals and I have enjoyed naps! Those have been super nice! But i am ready for my normal! Especially because that means my last semester of school will be here! 🙂

My hubby and I are also are praying that we depend our spiritual walk this next year! That we instill between us some of the things we want for our future kids. Devotional and prayer times were part of my growing up years, I want the same for my future kids. So I downloaded Sara Youngs “Jesus Today.” It is a short devotional on my iPhone. I read Sara Youngs “Jesus Calling” devotional for two years and loved it. This devotional is proving to be spot on with where our life is and the things we are facing. There are many things I praying over for 2015. These include a job, future career for myself and my husband, direction on where to live, student loan repayment, and future kids. These things are more are constant on my prayer list that is for sure. I also pray for direction for my rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and fibro treatment. I pray for all my many doctors as we work hard to balance the effects of meds and decreasing the effect of the diseases. Not an easy task by no means!

Here is to an awesome 2015 year! I know much for my life will change! There are many unknowns, but I am ready and willing to face those challenges head on! 2015, bring it on!


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