Happy 2015!

2015 is here! Praise the lord. I’m excited to see what this year brings, I know much will change.

Hubby and I meal planned and grocery shopped today. We also made three meals that went into Glad tupperware so we can heat up through that week. Now that I am not doing homework every night, I am hoping that we can start eating healthier. Eating out was so easy, especially when working full time and spending most of every night and weekend studying. We made a yummy pot of sloppy joe (I love), some maple/Apple chicken, and some chicken stir fry. Tomorrow we are making a shepherds pie casserole and some chicken tostadas. I really like the apps I found, the food network app has recipes and a grocery list function. After I pick the recipes for the week, I email myself the grocery list. Then I enter that list into my grocery store app, and as I shop I add the price. It gives me a running list of what im spending. We also have found the Target Cartwheel app to save us money, Market Pantry foods!!! šŸ™‚

Another plus of today, I paid my last semester of my doctorate tuition!!! I am taking 3 hours of dissertation to complete my doctorate requirements, so nice to be close to this finish line. I’m more excited to do my final defense than my proposal defense. My final defense, at least for me, feels like a requirement but not necessarily something I should fear. Im nervous but excited too. God is good, he has provided and sustained me through such a journey.

Off to check in with my pen pal in Berlin!

xO J

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