The new year has started with a bang! So much going on!  New for me, I realized I was “bored” at night so I decided I needed a hobby. Well actually my hubby has been telling me for months that I need a hobby. Now that I’m just working on dissertation edits, I have free time and after having a huge goal (a 12 year goal) I needed something to focus on. Who knew that I wouldn’t know what to do with FREE TIME! I have only prayed for free time over the past 5-7 years as I would spend EVERY free minute doing homework.

Long story short, I thought about my options…my hubby and I set some great goals for 2015 (financial health/better practices, emotional/spiritual/marital growth, and physical health improvement). As I thought back over what I like to do in life…I was like what in the world would I do as a hobby. I thought cooking…then realized…I’m not a huge fan of cooking, it wouldn’t relax me and I don’t think I would grow any talent along the way (side note on cooking below).

I ran into a friend of mine who just started running her own Mary Kay business, and we had some discussion. She convinced that why not give it a whirl. No I never thought I would start my own cosmetic “business.” But I will say so far it has been very interesting. I have been two meetings, it is fun to meet women who are enjoying talking about beauty and relationships. I know for me my goals of this “business” would me to meet women and share beauty/skin care techniques/makeovers (ohhh to work as a wedding make up artist!) BUT above that I want use this opportunity as a way to develop friendships and ministry to women. As someone who suffers severe pain I know the damage the medicine does to our skin, our face, our body as whole. I also realize that the days I feel the worst on the inside, are the days I need to do something to feel some relief…weirdly for me sometimes just putting some color on my face makes me feel just a tad better. I’m excited to see the future, I’m excited to see who I will meet and most of all I’m hopeful that this will be a good “hobby” for me.

Back to cooking! Hubby and I decided one change we would do is to go grocery shopping on Saturday morning, and then spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday after church cooking for the week! This week we did a test run and I will be proud to say I love the food we made. Thank you Food Network! But you know as they say, hobbies take time to do so I hope that we continue to repeat the hobby!

The pain has been tough this week, I think the cold weather/damp weather has not been helpful! Although I know I complain about the weather…we are much warmer in Houston that some places in the US. I had friends who are experiencing some MAJOR MAJOR cold! I am definitely thinking about them tonight!

Here is to warm weather tomorrow (RIGHT!)


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