Some have asked….what are some of your goals?? Well I have MANY! But I will share a few….

1) I have a goal to travel the world, starting with Santorini/Greek Islands, Turkey, French Riviera, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, England, Kula Lampur, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Jakarta, New Zealand and sooo many more places. I’m not limiting myself…why?? Have a goal to travel…make it happen!

2) I want to see the US too! I want to see Los Angeles, Hollywood, Napa Valley, the Seattle Steeple, Chicago, Vegas, New York City, Boston, all the Ivy leagues institutions, and MUCH MUCH more.

3) I want to develop confidence, and go through life learning new things. There is nothing like being a life long learner.

4) Passion, I want to be passionate about what I do!

5) I have a goal to give back to the community! I want to serve in the community

These are just some of my goals! I hope you share some of yours 🙂


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