The Rain falls

The rain falls…I thought that it would finally stop after last week but nope more rain today! I don’t know why but I continue to be amazed at how I feel when it rains. The pain, the Fibro flaring, and the swollen joints….I really really want someone to scientifically explain to me how in the world the weather and the autoimmune system connect!! How in the world does the rain make me feel so bad? Granted I am sure some smart person has made the connection…maybe I should search Google for answers 🙂

I have really been enjoying my week, yes the pain is ever present and yes it is so annoying. I had some nights where the pain has been so intense. I don’t think the Enbrel has stopped working, I think I just felt that bad because it was soo cold and because the low temperature was combine with rain! Not sure why but the Enbrel REALLY bruised this week 😦 Made me sad! I have only had a bad bruise twice, I guess I need more practice with my shots 😛

Two awesome things I have learned this week, I love being able to talk with people. I didn’t realize how much I missed that treat while I was in school. Prior to school I was such a social butterfly (guess you could look at my college grades to see that  LOL) but then in graduate school/doc program I really focused…life consisted of sleep,eating, working my job, and school. I did NOTHING else. I came home and it was straight to the books, constantly working on homework, or working on a paper/dissertation. Now that my dissertation is just about done, it means that I have so much more free time! I LOVE IT! I totally see why people who stop school…..struggle to go back. I know right now, if I was to go back to the writing, the homework, the tests, etc….I would struggle. My new-found freedom of life…that’s hard to give up.

I have also enjoyed developing “The Beautiful Place.” So far it has been a great week talking with old friends, getting to share some about the skin care products/color cosmetics, and getting training on leadership etc. I have realized there are goals in my life, and most importantly I have realized the value of writing down those goals. Seeing those goals in front of me, reading those goals as the days go by, and telling myself as I wake up that I have goals….brings determination. I know 2015 will be an awesome, different, life changing year. I’m excited to see what happens :0


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