Moving forward!

Moving forward in this dissertation process! I am working on the edits, and hope to have a final presentation date in early February. Then will just be really waiting on the other departments who have to approve my final version. I have started looking at graduation announcements 🙂 Feels strange to be at this point, but I’m excited too!

I had a great week working on my hobby! LOVE IT! It is challenging, yes! Does it sometimes take me outside of my comfort one, HECK YES! But action is the best way to work through fear. I’m loving the experience and I’m excited for that experience. I am proud to say I made some awesome sample bags, sooo much fun! I’ve been in Michael’s/Hobby Lobby more in the past few weeks than the past 10 years! I enjoyed grabbing coffee with a new friend this week. I didn’t realize how nice it was to grab coffee on a Saturday afternoon! No pressure of having to get up and study, life has many enjoyable things!

The kids are going nuts, the spring weather energizes them :D. They are running all over the house (geez want their energy) and of course the cats are hiding because the dogs are running all over! It is soo fun to watch the dogs and cats interact. You would think they would hate each other but I think the cats/dogs have bonded. They cry when they don’t see each other, if I have the dogs in my office….the cats sit outside and howl. If I have the cats in the office, the dogs sit outside and whine. It is tooo cute. I am so thankful we have a rented home where we can enjoy having a family of furry kids!

I’m off tomorrow! YAY! MLK day means a vacation day. LOVE IT! I’m excited to see what this week will bring. Stay strong, I hope your pain doesn’t slow you down this week. I suffered horribly last night with a MAJOR flare in my hips and knees, so much pain. Even today, my body is feeling that major stabbing pain….I know the couch and I will be buddies. But I’m thankful for Netlfix, Hulu, my computer, and my phone…I don’t feel sooo alone 😀



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