Things are going

It has been a crazy weekend! The good news is that a major event I was running is now over (Woohoo!). Minus a projector issue, thankfully all went smooth. Nothing worse than a few hours before an event…hoping and praying all will go well. I have found I do truly enjoy the logistics behind these sorts of major projects. Stressful…yes but fun!

I am having a blast in my Mary Kay business! I am learning sooooo much. Words cannot describe the fun, the knowledge learned, and the many relationships that are being built. I am definitely glad I took the steps I did.

I am keeping my ears and eyes open for big girl job for post graduation. I keep reminding myself that I need to be in Gods timing. And that God is not a vending machine! Things will happen on his timetable not mine.

Today, I made progress on graduation! I spent the day reference checking every single reference in my dissertation! Woohoo! That was sooooooo fun. Not! But hey at least it is done. Now I have to work on spacing and making sure all the formatting is good. I am confident in a May graduation! Which this confidence makes me scared and sad, I’ve looked forward to this day….but I’m also sad because to me there is comfort in that student lifestyle. Twelve years I have been a student, I am ready to see what the next chapter holds! God is good of that I am positive!

Off to work, I love stopping in and updating. I am telling myself to be more regular about updating šŸ™‚ new 2015 goal!


9 thoughts on “Things are going

  1. You are an inspiration to me.. seriously. I know people say those words so often to people with struggles like ours that it starts to lose meaning but seriously.. you inspire me.. at the moment I am academic support. For my son in the 4th grade, for my daughter working her way into the nursing program, for my hubby pursuing an engineering degree. Meanwhile, my own hard earned college credits sit uselessly never having been formed into anything marketable like a COMPLETED degree. SIGH..

    1. I am so excited to hear from you! Trust me you are such a blessing to your family. We all need a cheering squad šŸ™‚ I aways tell myself it doesn’t matter when you finish, just matters if you want to finish that you do. And your life experience is making academics soo valuable. I am so happy you commented. I love hearing from you šŸ™‚

      1. Aww.. thanks.. I’ll make a point of commenting more often! I am on WP probably quite a bit more than I’m seen. It’s replaced Facebook for me in a lot of ways. Oddly enough, I seem to find more people that understand what it is like being me here than with anonymous blogs than there with all of the people that are my family and friends and actually know me. Keep an eye out. 2015 is a year of goals for me as well and I really hope to be posting about the progress or regress or whatever “gress” happens to be taking place in my life. Those of us dealing with RALF or in my case RAF really have to seek each other out and be supportive, you know?

      2. I totally agree with seeking out each other and finding understanding and support from strangers. Family doesn’t get it and many friends don’t either. I’m excited for 2015, so many good changes (I hope). I definitely look forward to getting to know you :-). You said RAF, rheumatoid arthritis and Fibro? What a combo right šŸ˜¦

      3. Yeah… there was a time when the rheumys were convinced I had lupus as well because I was fighting a life threatening blood disorder. One of them said they sometimes call rheumatoid like mine “rupus” Cause the symptoms are so intertwined. Nothing like fighting for your life and having specialists scratching their heads! It turned out to be a rare disorder called ITP. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. They saved my life by removing my spleen. Now they pretty much stick to the consensus of rheumatoid and fibro.

      4. Ahh yes my Rheumy lovingly calls me her rupus fibro patient. I’m like yay…..not! These diseases are so not textbook. Wow I learn new things every day. Do you take bio meds? I’m still mentally learning enbrel. It has helped but I still hate hitting the clicker button!!

      5. I’ve been on Enbrel, Humira, Rituximab and now I’m on Simponi. It took me forever to master the self injection mechanism w this one. We actually broke 2 units trying to get them to administer the med! I’ve got it down now. Lately my issue has been one infection after another. It means I can’t take the shot on time month after month which means the RA is active which means I’m miserable and discouraged.

  2. I love finding new people that are sharing the life and trials of living with RA and lupus or what we commonly refer to as Rupus. I enjoyed reading your post and love your message. I believe I need to always keep moving forward. It may not be very fast but still moving. Thank you.

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