What a week!

The week began as a usual week and now on Friday night it has been anything but a “normal week.” For starters, last Saturday I burned my stomach…not even quiet sure how it happened. I looked down and I had about a one inch burn and a horrible blister. I have been cleaning it, putting antibiotic ointment on it, and covering it but to no avail. I finally caved today and made an appointment, my PCP was so kind she pushed me into her schedule and saw me as her last patient of the day. She put me straight on antibiotics, and yup no Enbrel or MTX until I’m healed. My burn has infected, but we are hoping it hasn’t gotten too big. Funny, she was like a normal person this would have healed in a few days…a week later it looks about as bad (if not worse) that the first day or two. 😦 Sad! But that is the reality, little cuts are big big deals and I’m having to remind myself of that fact. And it is hard too for others to get it because they are like…a one inch burn…it for sure isn’t like a second degree or third degree burn…shouldn’t be tooooo huge. But yet for people like me with out an immune system…big or small….inevitablely it because big!

Then on Tuesday night….I was working on my laptop and all of a sudden I got the blue screen of death!! NOOOOO!!! The dreddded your computer is dying and nothing you can do about it :(. I was soooo upset that my computer died, I was right in the middle of editing my dissertation and was in the beginning stages of creating a PPT. I reformatted the computer, hoping and praying it would work but nope! It did turn on the next day, I spent two hours re-installing and then it totally died again. Now my old computer will not even boot up….I get a harddrive error. So 10:00p.m. on Wednesday night I was running to the store (thank you Walmart) to buy something I could use. I ended up getting a Chromebook..it has been interesting to use but I like it so far. I am borrowing a computer that can run Word and PPT to finish what  I need to finish. Let’s just say this week…my patience has been tested  (to say the least!).

The one great thing about this week! I went to training on Monday night for Mary Kay. I will say I am so happy for the leadership and the confidence building that I have experienced in this journey. We were told to write affirmations that we recall throughout the week. I found five (see below) that mean something to me! I continue to remind myself that I am growing every day, each day I learn something new. I find women in so many different small businesses..and while we don’t sell the same product I think it is admirable for us to have stepped out to try something new. That’s half the battle. I’m reading a great book on dreams. It is encouraging to be able to read something that is not a boring textbook!

Last thing I want to mention tonight, while it isn’t really related to this post I will just say that Domestic Violence is a big issue to me. I think it is similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. It happens but often we do not know it happens. Too many women (and men) they perhaps don’t feel as if they can share their struggles. I have seen it happen too many times. And these women (and men) need encouragement, love, a support system, and encouragement to get through and become survivors. The entire month of Feb. my MK unit is focusing on donating lipsticks toward a Domestic Violence cause (likely a women’s shelter). I am so proud to know that lip sticks or lip glosses purchased this month (with every 2, 1 is donated) will end up in the hands of a woman, who has been through so much. I hope it is a small way to bring a big smile! So I’m attaching the flyer, consider the cause, share the flyer, and if you want to partake (which I hope you do) my website is http://www.marykay.com/JoannaTucker.

We are raising awareness one step at a time! 🙂 Stay strong, fight for another day! Despite a crazy insane week….I’m excited to see what comes tomorrow 🙂


My Affirmations are:

1. I am a positive thinker

2. I am a leader

3. I am confident

4. I am a child of God

5. I am determined


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