Sometimes you just need those days to rest! That was me today! I think it was a combo of no meds last night (had to miss my usual Enbrel/MTX due to being on antibiotics), my antibiotics making me sick, and a fibro flare. YAY! The combo kept me in bed until at least 11:00a.m, when I got up and slowly starting working on a project. I have a PPT to present next week so I decided I would write some notes. There is nothing worse than forgetting something important so I wrote a lot of notes. Not that I will need them but I say better to have and not use than to not have and need.

I even napped today on top of doing nothing. It was nice to have that relaxing of an afternoon. And now my hope is that by 10:30p.m. I might actually crawl into my nice warm bed. Tomorrow it is back to the grind. The craziness ensues and another week of work continues. I hope though that through the ups and downs at work I remember my faith, my affirmations to myself, and most of all that I maintain my positive attitude.

Being positive is tough, not easy especially when there are so many things to grab my attention. I have to continually remind myself that God has a purpose, God has a plan, and things will happen in GOD’S TIMING. Sooo hard sometimes to grasp that but that is sooo true!

Remember that this month I am joining Mary Kay in their initiative to donate lipsticks or lip glosses to women at our local shelters! Two lipsticks/lip glosses (or a combo) donates one to a lady who is putting her life together, becoming a survivor of domestic violence! I would love it if you would consider this cause or a cause in your home town that brings awareness to such a big issue!



1. I am a child of God

2. I am a positive thinker

3. I am a leader

4. I am determined

5. I am confident and capable


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