Second week

This weekend marked the second week without Enbrel or MTX 😦 I was sad, I forget how hard life gets when I truly feel the imense pain without meds. I realize there are so many who feel the pain (with out meds) every day, and for them I say many many prayers. The upside, my burn is healing ever so slowly. I am confident that I can inject on Friday, FINALLY. This weekend marks the beginning of four weeks since my burn…thankfully I can finally see it is healing. Slowly but surely.

So yah meds soon! That’s a major positive, on Wednesday I’m off work..I go up to the school to meet with my dissertation chairs and hopefully get their signatures on my final dissertation copy. From there it will go to reviewers in graduate studies and then on to the library. I had hoped to get the dissertation over to the library sooner..but there have been so many formatting changes…maybe this week. I also need to get on ordering my graduation regalia and announcements. I thought that could be done online but I am special and I cannot find it. So that is another thing on my to do.

This weekend has been a tough one, tougher than usual. A special person in my life passed away, he lost his battle with kidney cancer. While his passing was not unexpected, there is still that hole that remains. There is joy that he is suffering no more, and he left such an incredible legacy. Yet there is also sadness too because he is no longer on this earth. While we are all fully aware that death happens, we are never ready for it even when we know it is coming. And another close family friend (have known her my whole life) transitioned into hospice care. I am not sure when she will pass, we know it will be soon. So yes, it has been a weekend of reality to the pain in this world…that pain that is sometimes outside our physical pain.

On a positive, I am loving how I am growing and learning with my business. I am being stretched to new limits, I am being tested to do things never done. And I am learning soooo much! God is blessing and for that I am incredible thankful. I am hoping that this week I continue to grow, I continue to be blessed, and I continue to learn what God has in store for my life.

P.s. in case you never have…start a gratitude journal! I just started doing this journal and I realize that stopping, thinking, and writing what I am thankful for…it refocuses my mind to good things. My new goal is to find at least five (5) things I am thankful for each day. I’m interested to see how my thinking will shift in the days to come! ***Could I ever be thankful for the pain, for this journey, for the things I have experienced because of this journey???***

5 thoughts on “Second week

  1. Starting a gratitude journal was one of the BEST things I’ve ever done! It is soooo helpful. Today was the last time I can take my Humira for a few months because I’m getting a procedure done. I’m not looking forward to it. Sending prayers your way! ~ Juls

  2. A gratitude journal is a wonderful idea. I write one in my head, so to speak. But it does make the cup seem half-full to count all the good things in your life and it gives you the strength to face the bad ones. So glad I found your blog. Looking forward to reading more. Good luck with all you do!

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