Whew!!! Catching Up

Wow!! So much has happened since I last wrote!! The good news is I can say I am officially a Dr.! Woohoo! 12 years of education has finally come to a close. It feels good…no it feels great. It feels great that despite RAA, despite Lupus, and despite all the pain of Fibromyalgia (these three combined)…I still finished my doctorate. I consider that a major major feat!

I am loving loving my new business (well not sooo new now). I am enjoying the mentoring and mostly having something positive in my life. It isn’t often that I can say I enjoy my “work.” I think mostly this business is showing me ways to grow my confidence, ways to talk with people, and most importantly I am making new friends. I was talking to someone last night that wow I have friends. I have people to go to movies with, people to go to lunch with, and it is awesome.

The small things in life is what matters! I have enjoyed resting, and just catching up on sleep. That has been so nice, that pressure of having zero homework and no classes…there is something about that. I haven’t felt this since high school…I guess I will have to get used to no homework πŸ™‚ Slowly right!

I’m counting the days to Spring Break! I am getting to go on a cruise! Not only am I excited to hang out with fun people for a week but I’m excited to just get away. Work and life can be so tiring, I’m sure hoping that I don’t flare too much on the cruise.

I tell you what spurred a flare today….STUDENT LOANS!! The horrid $$$$ that I have been dreading. The great news is that the loan company is being amazing. I sure hope I get that much better paying job, but I’m happy that until then the loan company is being awesome (THANK YOU LORD!).

I say this often, thank you for listening to my rambling! I also hope to continue to update my blog more often as I journey life, as I prepare for post school (first time in 12 years!!!). Β And as I continue to forge life of RALF (Ra, Lupus, and Fibro) despite not having school in the mix.

Following my dreams, and keeping my eyes on the prize! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Whew!!! Catching Up

  1. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful accomplishment. Education is something no one can take from you, not even chronic disease. Hope you have wonderful time on your cruise.

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