Warmer weather soon!!

I am counting down the days!! In just under two weeks I will be sailing down to Mexico! I cannot wait. This cruise will be my third, and my first to go with a group of amazing ladies. I cannot wait to see the sand and clear blue water. I cannot wait to just relax and not have the craziness of work. I am also thrilled because I told myself last year when I booked the cruise that I would be on this cruise DONE with school! πŸ™‚ And I am sooo proud that I am done with school! πŸ™‚

This week the weather has been colder for us than usual. It truly has made me think of all those who battle the many invisible painful illnesses while living in those cold cold temperatures. I know how bad I felt this week with the 20-30 degrees…I cannot imagine months of this weather. If you live in those temperatures and you battle an invisible illness, you are a warrior!

Another great thing that made today awesome…I ordered my regalia! Each time before that I ordered my regalia I remember thinking…two more degrees to go..one more degree to go… Now it feels weird that unless I go back for another track in something else…there will be no more degrees to go! Time flies…hard to believe I’ve been in school 12 straight years! Well that is after high school if you count the 12 years of K-12 that is 24 straight years of being a student! So I have only 4 years of my life where I was not a student! CRAZY!

Now my focus has turned 100% to job searching and working my business. I love that I am still in love with my MK business. The opportunities to network with some pretty amazing strong women of leadership has been so good for me. The opportunity to meet so many wonderful women is also great! And honestly, I truly have enjoyed the many many things I have learned. And now my focus is also shifting to what I will do 8-5 after graduation!

Tomorrow I am hoping to have an awesome relaxing day, visiting with friends and just enjoying a hopefully warmer Saturday. I was able to FINALLY take my Enbrel and MTX! First time this month! My burn has finally healed (4 weeks later!) so I have been behind on my medicine. But tonight was the first night and low and behold…I started a fever!! UGH! Our bodies..if it is not one thing it is another! 😦 Insanity!

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