Spring Break

My FIRST Spring Break since college (in 2003) that I literally have ZERO homework to do. Granted I should be working on publications because I now need to start sending out my journals for publication. BUT that can happen after Spring Break…this Spring Break I am going to take a week and do NOTHING. I am going to enjoy a cruise down the coast of Mexico…and for once I”m not even going to feel guilty about being lazy. Yes I am super excited!

This week I have been battling major headaches (getting back on Enbrel and MTX I think caused those) and then of all things my Enbrel bruised me horribly last week. Not sure why but oh well. I have recognized the importance of the medication, definitely after missing it the past few weeks. I am like, 15 seconds of pain is totally worth the result. I just have to remember that when it comes time to hit the clicker! That clicker, I have to psych myself up for that clicker every week. I hope thought that eventually I will get better at that part of my weekly meds.

I’m downing airborne and praying that I have a healthy cruise! I have been around sooooooooo many sick people this week. Are you like me..someone sneezes and coughs and you have that sinking feeling that “oh my gosh I”m going to get sick.” I hate feeling that way but honestly, we know that a cold can make us soooo sick. I know in the past 5 months of Enbrel alone I have struggled with multiple infections, and struggled to heal. BUT since  I don’t live in a bubble…I say many prayers and hope airborne loves me 🙂

I’m excited to spend a few days of rest with my kids and then I”m looking forward to the ladies vacation in Mexico!

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