Catching Up!

Spring break has come and gone! I will say I loved getting to read books over break. It was the first time in years that I have taken a break, rested, relaxed and read a book Truthfully it was like 3 books! I’m finding ways to keep myself occupied as I wait for the semester to finish. That includes job searching, and trying to brainstorm what the future holds. There are so many things to consider, plan, and hope for with regards to the future. The good thing is, I have hope that all things will work out and the best is yet to come.

Despite the pain of the week (thanks to the rain) I am sooo happy that tomorrow is Friday. As usual, it means SHOT TIME. But that’s ok! 15 seconds of torture is worth the relief! I see my rheumy on Monday, I am hoping she might bump up my MTX one more level. I think that will help my Fibro pain. At least I hope so. These past few weeks have been painful! That’s for sure 😦 Amazing how every joint in your body can definitely hurt.

And through these times, I will say I have recognized the friendships I have developed over the past few years. It is sooo hard to find those friends, those friends that are not there to use you or are only your friends when it suits them. Those friends that check in with you, that understand your health problems, and that are willing to get to your level. Trust me, if people never come to you unless they want information they are not your friend. It is sooo hard to find friends, to find those people who will be willing to put into your life. We are def. grateful for those making the effort, you are such a blessing!

here is to hoping that the weather continues to warm, that things continue to happen to grow us, and that no matter what I continue to see the positives of this life. RALF will not win 😀 I’m excited to see what the future holds despite the journey 🙂


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