After a super rainy day today, I decided looking back at the warm week I spent was fun! Thought I would share some :-)…see below. Today has been one of those super rainy days…my entire body has flared most of the week and I’ve managed to experience some of the worst fatigue. I’ve had such little energy…pain levels have surged but I’m still here. I still got up today and functioned…tough as it was! And I did my best to make it a good day! the battle is daily! The pain is major…but we still fight! 

I have spent a lot of time thinking and planing this week. It feels sooo weird to have no homework or school. I’ve dreamed of this moment…and now I feel like something is broken. I’m waiting/hoping/preparing for the next chapter in life! I’m excited to see where I go next. 

As I was with my doctorate, I know the going will be tough, the steps small and deliberate one at a time….but I will still make my goals (lords goals) happen. Don’t ever stop fighting! 



One thought on “Pictures 

  1. You are so used to running full speed. Relish this downtime. Use it to recharge your batteries, reflect on how far you’ve come, and to wait upon the Lord to direct your next move.
    Once you start the next chapter, it may be a long time before you get a break like this so don’t fret and be restless. Just rest.

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