The vision

Have you ever thought about the fact that you need a vision for your life! Too often I think it is easier to just wake up and face the day but I heard a really good podcast last week that made me realize…daily intention can be a great thing. In my podcast I  was listening to the speaker talk about how we have this list of goals….but for some reason (seemingly unknowingly) we can not get those goals to happen or stick. And then as the speaker was talking it became clear! Picture the leaves on  tree…leaves are attached to branches and the branches to the tree. If you picture things that way…think of your goals as the leaves on the tree….those leaves can be plucked but as they are attached to a branch those leaves will re-grow. Bottom line…if we you don’t change the ROOTS of the tree..then whatever you are feeding your branches won’t change…it might for a day or two but overall if there is no change in the ROOTS…the branches are the same and the same story follows to the leaves. If you want your goals to change…if you want to have a new habit…or whatever you want to change…then you have to start at the root. Which for humans that root (in my opinion) is your belief in things. Our beliefs in ourselves matter…those things are tied to our structure, essentially how we feel about things.

How did that tie into me? Well in my business we are doing a 21 day challenge to ensure that we are teaching the importance of great skin care. So for 21 days we are offering to a select 21 people the opportunity to learn awesome skin care techniques, earn some amazing free products, etc. BUT I was thinking to myself…I already use the skin care line (started to truly practice in January) so I have built that habit. But during this 21 days I wanted to develop a habit…a good habit.

So I decided that I would strive these next 21 days to put into practices a thinking that starts at my roots and will affect my leaves. I want to put into practice the habit of being positive…honestly if we want to find the bad in will jump out to us…but if we want to find the good and the positive…we have to work at it. This last week I will tell you I have honestly worked to have a re-think on the many thoughts through out the day. What have I noticed that has changed….a little less stress. I have told myself…if I cannot change it..why worry about it!

For those that know me….I am a huge planner! I love to plan plan plan and I love having control of my situations. Well true life…you have little control of things. So I’m working on telling myself if I cannot control it…what good does it do me to worry and stress about it? I can either take my energy and dwell on the negatives of my many situations or I can work to see the positives. And when I do that…I’m seeing I have a MUCH different perspective of life. I have joy and a vision! And I love it.

Not to say I didn’t have a vision before I started my 21 day challenge..but I am excited to see how I will see my life at the end of my 21 day challenge! There is something cool about doing something new and developing a better thinking habit! 🙂

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