Words to myself

Today was a growing day! Have you ever had one of those days….where not only is a Monday but you also find yourself around people who are not looking for the good in things. It is hard to be around that…it is even harder when it lasts most of the day. It takes every bit of energy to stay positive and focused…and after a short time you are mentally drained. For those of us who fight invisible illnesses these situations are also triggers for flares and increased inflammation and pain. So what do you do? How do you handle it?

Today I say many prayers, and I was determined to have the right attitude. Yes someone else was not but that doesn’t mean it had to change how I acted. I think that is one thing I personally struggle with..I want to be a today fixer. And honestly if there is anything I have learned in the past few weeks…I cannot be a today fixer in many things. In many things the problems are not mind to fix. The problems are others to fix and should they chose not to do so….that’s ok!

While I am not in a position that I want to be careerwise I am learning a lot of things. I am learning what I value, I am learning what I expect, and I am learning to depend on my faith to make it through each day. I was having a conversation with a great friend tonight and we were talking that we really cling to our faith in times of trial/tribulation/tough times. And she was so right because it is so hard to think about my faith when life is “great.” But I have so developed intuition, knowledge, faith, determination, and more through my process of tough times. And oddly enough I don’t regret the tough times…it makes me who I am today. I am more appreciative of things by going through the tough times. And I am learning how I want to be as a boss/leader/mentor.

So many words of wisdom to myself! 🙂 After all, we have one body and one life…why should I waste my energy and worries on things I cannot change! That’s my words of wisdom to myself tonight!

#wordsofwisdom #letitgo #faith #determination #fightingforit #Godhasaplanformylife #willingtoserve #showmeguideme

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