It is the attitude

It is our attitude that helps us either maintain a positive outlook or fall apart because of the things in our lives. Life is in itself tough….things happen we don’t expect…things don’t have that we do expect. And when you add on top of life the many struggles with autoimmune illness (and many other things)…life gets more complicated. I have learned so much in my short journey (I say short because I have met so many battling for 20-30 years). One thing that I am learning now is that importance of positive thinking. The importance of NOT letting someone else or something else have power over me. We all have those people who say hurtful things, those situations (be it work, friends, home life) that just get under our skin. We ponder those things over and over and over. And we wake up the next day still thinking about those things….and what I have realized is we are giving people POWER over us…POWER they should NOT have over us. Because honestly we cannot change them…we can only change US! As the month comes to a close I will share that I have been challenging myself to not dwell on things I cannot change. To not let someone have power of me, and I have been focusing on letting go of things I cannot control. If I cannot change it, fix it, make it better…..then I can adjust my attitude…I can smile when things suck, I can pray for strength, and I can focus on what good will come out of negative situations. I have LOVED developing a deeper relationship with my faith, I have enjoyed some great habits that are being built (21 days friends!).

The past several days I have wanted to blog…but I love how I blog only when the word sort of seem right! 🙂 I am ready to see the changes and the future…but I am also ready for the many great things I will do today. I have LOVED having a gratitude journal (if you don’t do one…get one!). It helps me focus on the positive things. We need to do that more than what we do.

I am really enjoying what I am learning having my own business! There are so many things..I don’t think I could blog them all even if I wanted to do so. I think I am getting the most benefits..the growth I have seen in myself…WOW! And I’m excited to see who will be my teammates..who will form my unit….because in God’s time (not mine, I have to continue to remind myself of this) I will be blessed to be a part of a unit of women that have come together to dream and change lives. I’m grateful for the many things I have learned and the many things I will learn.

The RA pain and the Fibro pain won’t win! Even though some days it feels like they will. I’m hopeful that I can find a good med combo…it hasn’t happened yet…I’m almost 90% positive that I’m failing Enbrel (I think I mentioned that before)…I would appreciate any advice on how to go forward. As I know some patients have gone through multiple biologics…Enbrel is my first.

Stay strong everyone! Hold fast to your dreams and goals and remember…if we look for good we will find it! And realize that things will happen in the RIGHT time (granted that might not be our time) but things will happen. If you are determined…you will win the fight 😀

2 thoughts on “It is the attitude

  1. I think I needed to read this today. I find myself in a dark and angry place, a place where I don’t even recognize myself. I’m not sure why I have so much anger bottled up inside… I’m sorry the Enbrel isn’t working for you, hope you can find something that will help you get back to 100% ~Kim

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