God First….Family/Friends Second!

This week has been a memorable week for many reasons! I think one of the first things I will say I have learned is how much I value “treat others how you want to be treated.” I naively expected people to treat others that way….but I learned this week (probably before but this week it stood out) that people don’t treat people how I would like to be treated. Over a series of events, I have come to realize that common courtesy and simple respect to others is one thing I value so much. It makes me super proud, that I have taken the incentive to be part of a separate organization that puts God first, family/friends second…and that expects that we all treat others how we want to be treated. In a way I love that I am straddling a line…one one day the day job I am learning SOOO MUCH of what I would NOT do to others…and on my night/weekend/personal business I am able to put into it what I want others to see and feel. I want others to be treated with respect, dignity, and above all with the right attitude. Lessons were learned this week and changes are coming! I am grateful that I am learning some valuable life lessons at a junction in my life where I can truly apply those lessons.

I am also blessed in the comfort of my faith! I have felt peace in some difficult circumstances…peace because I know I don’t have to fix it..I don’t have to have the answers (and I don’t have those answers yet) BUT I DO have faith! I do have faith that God has plan…a future. I believe with all my heart that I don’t have to worry about it…because GOD has it. And HE is BIGGER than all things! There is nothing bigger than God! And that knowledge brings such peace! AMAZING PEACE! I don’t know how I would be feeling if I didn’t have HIS peace. I think I would be worrying, anxious (and yes those moments come!), frustrated, angry (yup that comes too). Human nature..when our lives are facing major changes…human nature is to PANIC! We try to relentlessly fix (and remember I am A FIXER!) the problem so we can not be in that state of “oh my gosh what am I going to do, where am I going to go,  how am I going to do whatever.” I am thankful for peace…because while I do have those moments…I do also have the peace that I go “God I don’t know…BUT I know that you do know!” Answers are coming, I cannot wait to see what those answers are for my life.

And I have been looking for a mission verse for my MK business and I have found it! Look up Jeremiah 29:11! That verse is the verse that I will be using as my mission verse for my future team/unit! Because GOD DOES have a plan for my future, plans to prosper me. And I will use that for God’s glory!

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