Resting and Relaxing!

Too often I think we get too busy, we get too busy to be the friend we need to be. We get too busy to check on the friend down the street, or call someone we haven’t seen and grab coffee/lunch. There are many things we cannot guarantee in this world, but one thing that I am realizing that is so important…that is our friendships. When the world goes to crap (as we know it does often)…or when the pain is so tough and we cannot focus….we need our friends. I have found myself in a variety of times here recently where in tears I wonder…who can I call. I think back to last year…I didn’t really have names that jumped off the page of who I would call. That was because I was so busy with school and life that I wasn’t a friend to many people. I was a wife, a student, a worker and I wasn’t that much of a friend. NOW that I am Dr. T and done with school I have been determined to focus on building friendships. I am thankful one of the best ways to work on that has been my Mary Kay business. Truly I have made some amazing friendships in my unit, I have awesome clients who are becoming great friends, and I have two amazing team members that I am so thankful for. Friendships, the coffee dates, the lunch dates, the just coming over and talking, or for me playing with make up products/facials..those are the things that matter. There is so much we cannot control, especially with all our pain and fatigue…however I am determined that I will focus on the friends, the friendships, and the 3:00a.m. relationships!

Today I am resting and relaxing..I have been flaring pretty bad this week! So my thoughts tonight are short and sweet! Build your friendships! 🙂 #friendships

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