Time Goes By

Time goes by…days go by and that is what is part of normal life. I love that and yet sometimes it is scary too….because each day lived in one day left to enough. There are so many things going on right now, so many thoughts and what-ifs to consider….the good thing is that I have a strong faith knowing that God has a plan for ALL things. For me, my journey is one full of pain…these past few days the suffering and pain has increased tremendously, making it oh so hard to stay positively focused. I find when my pain levels soar, I revert to being an introvert. Maybe it is just me but it is so hard to verbalize the pain…it is so hard to explain the pain..that I prefer to just not verbalize it to anyone. I stay quiet at home, usually lost in some TV show because that helps me not focus on the pain. I found a small nodule on my ring finger knuckle..I’m not 100% sure if this is the beginning of an RA nodule but it is very possible. However, in the grand scheme of things..when your pain level is 15/10 and nothing seems to change that…nodule’s aren’t the biggest thing to worry about. Still you know…I find strength to pull myself up and get with it. I manage to work (Praise the Lord for that strength!) and I manage to sit up in bed and work on my business as I can.

I can truly say, I never thought I would be a business owner, running a business that is entirely yours is a great thing. You get to make the rules, you get to determine the goals, you get to set the dreams. And no one can tell you that it might not work because as long as you work at it….the goals are possible. And I love the possibility. Growing something from nothing is a LOT of work..a lot of patience…and it takes a lot of determination. It isn’t going to happen if you are not willing to work it. It might not happen as fast as you want it to…it might not grow as fast as you want it to….and people might think you are crazy along the way. For some…all their friends and family support them 170% helping them move quickly…for others…friends/family might not help them 170%…don’t let it get you down…whatever category you find yourself in (I’m somewhere in the middle). Set a goal for yourself each month, work toward that goal, and if you get it then your jump for joy and celebrate…..if it does’t happen and you have given it your all…then still celebrate because you WORKED HARD! Just because the end goal completion date shifts…it doesn’t mean that your goals are not valid or important. Don’t ever let not making a goal stop you for working hard and pushing forward.

I things these things are some of the best things I have learned being a business owner, being a graduate students, and having a faith in the Lord. I don’t have all the answers (goodness who wants to have all the answers) but I love that I have the confidence to share my faith and my insight to those who are reading this blog. I look back over the past 12 years of my life (yes had to use a calculator to confirm it is has been 12 years since 2003)…and I realize my maturity, my growth, and my strength.

In 2003, I was a young 16 year old kid who moved here with nothing but two suitcases ready to find a dream that worked for her. Ready to make here life happen with these big dreams. The first few years here were so tough…so many bruises and bumps along the way. BUT I am happy I pushed through, I hope that is you are dealing with lots of bruises and bumps along the way that you keep pushing forward. And I say that especially if you have an invisible illness (like me, you might have more than one) and I know that the emotional journey as well as the physical journey is so tough. Stay strong, fight the fight, and keep moving. It is one day at a time! Don’t let go on your dreams…that is the bottom line!


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