The hills! 

Do the hills ever get to you? I’ve had multiple times this week where I realize…wow so many hills to climb. Lord will the hills ever stop? I think one thing (often, in my opinion) not talked about is the mental and emotional joinery that we are thrown into when we live a life of nonstop pain and fatigue. The mental and emotional….some times I think those are the hardest subject to talk about. We don’t want people to know our deepest scars…our mental exhaustion and pure tiredness of pain. I haven’t been pain free in Sooo many years…I don’t know what it feels like to wake up pain free. I know I’m not alone in that category, many are like me.

The downside is unlike those who don’t suffer daily in pain…we have to make the mental choice to push through our pain and living our lives. Sometimes “living” is moving from bed to the couch. Sometimes that is getting out of bed to shower. Sometimes that is just having one conversation with a friend….because socializing and talking…it takes energy.

There is much more to be said on this topic…but since I’m flaring I’ll leave this here for now. I know my heart and passion for the understanding of the mental and emotional toll….this conversation will come again.

If you are one like me fighting, hang in there! We can do this, rest and prayerfully we wake tomorrow to another day of….fighting 


One thought on “The hills! 

  1. Life with chronic disease is one giant roller coaster ride…up and down….up and down…sometimes the ascent is slow and steady and the descent hard and fast and sometimes it’s the opposite!

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