Too often we try and get ahead of ourselves when it comes to our life. This is extremely true for someone like me who is a “fixer.” When something isn’t going the way I want it to go, my first instinct is to do whatever I need to do in order to fix it. BUT what I am learning, I am in a place and experiencing things that are necessary to grow my maturity level, to grow my emotional strength, my physical strength, and my emotional strength. We often don’t realize that it is through trials, tough times, valleys (whatever word you use) that we grow!

Human nature, when we are dealing with things we don’t want to deal with…or in a place we don’t want to be..our instinct is to automatically do whatever we need to do to get away, or to get out. BUT again, I have seen that when you stay (until God opens the door to leave) you grow so much! Part of my faith is the trust and belief that God has a plan for my life. He knows the next steps, he knows the end goals, he has seen my future. He knows where I will end up.

Again, the fixer in me wants to see things done now! BUT the childlike faith of mine also wants to PRAISE GOD and see what the future will hold. I have grown so much these past few years, I will continue to grow in the future. And I am thankful I realize that some day I will be extremely thankful for my valleys. In fact, I have no doubt one day I will look back and go wow…that valley CHANGED MY WORLD FOR THE BETTER! It is hard to say those things now, it is hard to see joy and trust in those tough times…but ultimately….God wants us to do just that when we are facing tough times.

I have an app on my phone, it is a Jesus Calling app. I try to read it every morning…it doesn’t always happen but I do try. I will say…that EVERY SINGLE TIME I read it….I am blessed! EVERY SINGLE TIME the words I need to hear are written down. This is the second Jesus Calling book that I have used in my life, the first one I used those first months – year after the hospital…it was something I needed. And this book, it exactly what I need too!

Wait! That word is soooooo hard for me…but I am waiting, I am believing, I am trusting that YES the BEST IS YET TO COME! If you are in a place like me…where there are SOOOO MANY things happening, things you cannot control, questions that need answered, pain, fatigue, and it feels like your plate is overwhelmed…just rest and know that GOD HAS IT! He has you in his hands, he can carry the burdens..you DON’T have to carry those burdens!

Is it easy to leave it in God’s hands???? OH HECK NO! I want to say God here it is but JUST LET ME…and I’m learning to leave it means to not ask “JUST LET ME GOD.” It means GOD YOU HAVE IT…I LET IT GO!

Hugs tonight! Stay Strong friends!


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